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mayday, mayday - focus on friends

April 30, 2023 / Ronny Eriksson

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Today I will keep my journal entry short and sweet because sometimes you need time to focus on the present. What is present in Finland is May Day – a time for celebration.


May Day, or Vappu in Finnish, is a popular celebration in Finland. It falls on the 1st of May and is a national holiday. The celebration is associated with spring, the arrival of summer, and the Finnish labor movement.


On the eve of May Day, people gather in the city centers, parks, and other public places to celebrate. The traditional way to celebrate is to wear a white student cap and overalls. The cap symbolizes academic achievement, and the overalls represent equality among people of all social classes.


What makes this day special is the sense of community and unity. We've survived the dark winter days and are exiting our hibernation mode together.


With this said, I'd like to take a moment to focus on another essential aspect of the holiday – spending time with friends.


A happy life consists of a balance between health, wealth, and happiness.

This holy triangle is unique because the social aspect is present in each.


Health: Healthy Relationships.

Wealth: A Social Network.

Happiness: Sense of Belonging.

These things together make The Good Life.


A life worth growing for.


In our search for growth and meaning, we tend to overlook the importance of the social aspect – the matter of friends.

In the hustle, we’re blinded by the lights.


The pandemic took us apart.


Now it is up to us to unite again.


So instead of sitting here in my cozy corner alone writing I’m of to celebrate.


May Day is a reminder to do it together.


This journal is a reminder for you to do it.


Go out, call a friend, make a new friend.


Have fun.


Enjoy life.


That’s what it is all about.


See you next week.


Hyvää Vappua, Glada Vappen, Happy May Day!


-        Ronny

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