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I'm Ronny Eriksson, a serial entrepreneur and venture architect helping you survive and thrive in today's fiercely competitive economy.

I'm the guy who can accelerate people to build more profitable brands and businesses.

I help people and companies accelerate by systemizing their vision, story, brand, marketing, and community to have clarity and focus on executing what matters.

I've grown great in what I do because I've used myself as a human guinea pig throughout my career - testing what works and what doesn't learning from the best in the New Nordics.

Because of this, I've been able to co-found multiple 6 figure companies and organizations, manage large +1M€ projects, build a well-known personal brand across the New Nordic region, and build a network of close mentors, including Peter Vesterbacka (Angry Birds & Slush) and Kustaa Valtonen (Angel Investor & FinEst Bay Area). All this resulted in a 10K/month income and workdays I genuinely enjoy.

You may find this as me showing off... but that's a hit I'm willing to take on the journey to explain to you who this random guy is you invest your time in.

My values are trust and transparency; that's why I'm sharing it all as an open book.

I'm all about collaboration and thus I've made all that I do visible for you at this webpage.

Reach out to me and ask for anything, I'm happy to collaborate and make new friends.

Join me on a journey to discover the best New Nordic growth practices.

Join my journey


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short bio

Ronny Eriksson, Mindpreneur, from Helsinki Finland. Born and raised in the Greater Helsinki region, Ronny has been involved in the entrepreneurial scene since becoming an entrepreneur in 2017 at age 20. With steadfast sisu, he has methodically risen through the rumble, co-founding growth stories such as Norders.Agency, Ambitious.Africa and Nothing Hill. Today Ronny is building himself as a startup focusing on his personal brand around mindpreneurship seeking to shift the current landscape of entrepreneurship and well-being while operating under his purpose ”By helping others become, I will become”.

You can find Ronny on all social medias with the handle @itseronny or on LinkedIn

Ronny is publishing a weekly newsletter to help you grow, you can sign-up here

Ronny Eriksson (26) is a serial entrepreneur and one person business evangelist from Helsinki, Finland. He holds a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Management from Hanken School of Economics and is pursuing a PhD at the same university. During his career Ronny has actively worked in the startup ecosystem as a founder and investor building a portfolio of growth companies.


Ronny is a partner in Norders Oy, CaterMate Oy, One Day Coffee Company, High North Development Group, CasvuAI and has co-founded initiatives such as HankenX, Hanken Venture Studio, Ambitious.Africa ry and ICE Innovation Festival.

Ronny’s is skilled in marketing, branding, sales, personal branding, self-development, entrepreneurship and leadership. Ronny completed his Master’s thesis studying “Why the New Nordic Region Accounts for Most Unicorn Companies per Capita” and is now continuing his studies to understand the mindset behind Unicorn founders and successful entrepreneurs.


Today, Ronny invests most of his time in building his one-person business called Mindpreneur, where he helps people who feel they are not progressing in life achieve what matters most to them. Unleashing wealth, health and happiness by implementing an entrepreneurial mindset. Starting with your PURPOSE and building a lifestyle system that helps you achieve that.


He does this via content, Newsletter, YouTube, Courses and the Mindpreneur Community.


In his spare time Ronny devotes his time to an active social life, sports, nature and sauna.

More information about Ronny can be found at and his full CV is available at

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+358 50 517 7908

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I'm a huge believer that the New Nordic mindset and skillset will help each and everyone of us learn, heal and grow. This mindset is centered around growth bringing us calmself-understandingbetter relationships, deeper friendships, greater effectiveness at work and more fulfillment in life.

the new nordic way

My purpose is simple:

"By helping you grow; I will grow"


To play this part right I'm obsessed with learning all about the New Nordic way to accelerate and future-proof humans and companies.


What is in my head doesn't reach you and thus I've created a model to reach you wherever and at whatever stage you are.

I do this via content creation, newsletters, multiple resources, courses and a community to allows you to grow together with other rising stars.

Here is a bit of info about me:


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