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mastering the 10% rule

May 14, 2023 / Ronny Eriksson

mastering the 10% rule

Hey friends,


Welcome to the V2 of my Newsletter format. I've found a better way to share insights, learnings, and tips with you that all the people I've pitched it to have genuinely enjoyed. Now it is here for You; enjoy - Welcome to the New Nordic Way Journal.


The arrival of spring can't be unnoticed in Finland and the New Nordic region. The grey is turning green, and with-it new life fills the cities. While this is something we wait for as much as kids wait for Santa to come with presents at Christmas, I must admit it has unexpectedly affected my daily routine. The season's beauty has been a distraction, causing me to step away from the habit-building efforts I have worked on so diligently over the winter months.


For the past 6 months, I've been aiming to maintain a habit of focus, discipline, and healthy choices on a structured basis each day to enhance results, personal growth, and self-care. I've built a structure around all segments of life, including bedtime, screen time, training, stimulants, learning, and self-development. However, with the shift of seasons, it all started crumbling down piece by piece, and I have only managed to stay on track with a fraction of this schedule.


Personal development often takes the backseat when life becomes busier or nature calls, as it does this time of the year. Of course, social life, nature, and enjoying the summer are essential, but I'm learning that this approach of just pivoting my development journey could be more fruitful.

Life isn't about choosing either or living in the extremes. I need to learn to find a balance and prioritize those things that bring the highest long-term reward.


Most of the self-development activities are challenging. Our brain is tricky because it fights against us doing the hard things. The sun is shining, and friends, as you are out in the evening for a beer, is one option, while a "more" productive one might be staying home reading a book, writing, and reflecting and meditating. Which do you think your brain drives you to do?


So what the past months of focusing on the hard things hast taught me is that there are a set of non-negotiables I must stick to for me to grow long-term. While in the summer, I can't daily focus 100% of my effort on work, I must choose the most essential elements, make a rule about it, and stick to that at least.


Here is what I mean more in detail:

Four habits make the foundation of my growth and self-development:

  1. Training,

  2. Reading,

  3. Writing/Reflecting

  4. Mediation

For example, taking an hour to read a good book and reflect, for instance, often leads to far greater productivity and creativity than spending that hour bar hopping. The mental rejuvenation of these self-care activities can't be matched.


The challenge, therefore, is to recalibrate my thinking about these habits. I've been treating my self-care blocks as flexible time slots, which can be reduced or even eliminated if something else arises, as the past six months have focused solely on work and growth. However, as I look at the routines of those I admire, they have plenty of time to enjoy the fun, which made me realize that they prioritize self-care with a sacred reverence.


So, I've been reflecting on a couple of strategies:

  1. Choose your non-negotiables: I started by identifying the activities that yield the best result of investment for your long-term well-being. Often these are core activities within health, wealth, and happiness, such as exercise, learning, and journaling.

  2. Allocate specific blocks: I must set aside particular times for each weekly activity. For instance, I have blocked out at least 60 minutes for training, 45 minutes for reading, 30 minutes for writing, and 15 minutes for meditation daily.

  3. Treat these blocks as non-negotiable: I need to shift my mindset to view these blocks as the indispensable, not optional free time that can be filled with other tasks.

From a percentage perspective, this sums up to just 10% of the day. Isn't that crazy? So by dedicating 10% of my day to these activities, I will be left with 90% time for all other things while consistently boosting my personal development and well-being. The beauty of this 10% is that it makes me 10% better every day, which will grow all the other areas of my life. Adding an extra 10% of work to an already busy 8-hour workday would only result in a marginal 10% increase in productivity.


Anyone can dedicate 2 hours a day to do this, and when doing it, you can enjoy the rest of the day with no guilt; you are enjoying the summer to its fullest.


Realizing this blew my mind.


So, here's to a week of embracing the 10% rule. My model includes an hour of physical training, 45 minutes of reading, 30 minutes of writing, and a 15-minute meditation session.


I'll keep you updated on my progress, and my journey can also be a reminder for you.


Have a fantastic week!




Ronny Eriksson

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From No Bullsh*t Leadership by Chris Hirst.

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