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Our future requires us to progress

In an ever-changing world, we need entrepreneurial creativity to future-proof our society by turning bold, imaginative ideas into real-world solutions. I'm here to equip you with the mindset and skillset needed to thrive and build the next creative thing - big or small.
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who is ronny?

A New Nordic serial-entrepreneur, speaker, investorecosystem/community architect and the voice in media covering stories about creativity, entrepreneurship, The Hours of Becoming and What's Next. My vision is simple: to help future-proof our regions by equipping our people with the mindset and skillset needed to thrive.

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the next "big" thing

In a rapidly changing world, creativity and entrepreneurship stand as the next big thing, driving innovation and progress. These forces not only spark radical solutions to complex problems but also empower individuals to transform industries and communities. We all need to wake up to this potential, embracing unconventional creative thinking, bold ideas and, entrepreneurial spirit to shape a vibrant and resilient future.

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new nordic way

New Nordic Way is a community-driven movement that inspires, unites, and elevates talented individuals with a radically creative mindset and entrepreneurial skillset to thrive in our ever-changing world. By fostering innovation and collaboration, we are building a new type of media, event and educational platform that empowers creative doers to launch and develop projects with real, positive impact.


book me to speak

With +5 years of hands on expertise in the startup ecosystem as creative founder I'm ready invigorate your audience. I'm a young but renowned motivational speaker and your guiding light to unleash creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

From inspiring the next generation of creative entrepreneurs to investing in concepts that make our hearts sing, find out how by getting in touch with me.

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