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Join +500 bright minds getting elevated every Sunday by reading the New Nordic Way journal (you'll learn a bit about new nordic life, spirituality, and entrepreneurship too.)

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I've been testing what works day in and day out my whole life and career. Now, I'm turning these learnings into resources for you to gain clarity and grow your curiosities into fundamental New Nordic concepts accelerating your life and career in today's competitive world.

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join the movement

The New Nordic Movement is a community built around the novel way of thinking that makes our region punch above its weight. A global community of friends who share a common vision, values and mindset. We are the new 1% and built on the realisation that together, we can build a better future for ourselves and those around us. 100% FREE. Join below.


feed your brain

I study, learn and work with the best New Nordic practices for Human and Company Acceleration. The first step is curiosity, learning, understanding, and growing. The second step is creating content helping you to understand the concepts allowing you to unleas your potential, design a life you love, and turn your curiosities into reality.

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my porfolio

For the past five years, I've been coming up with ideas out of thin air. These have grown into concepts allowing me to learn and earn. My portfolio shows you can achieve much without costing your health or happiness. Lifestyle entrepreneurship is a result of the New Nordic mindset. You can be in charge of your own dreams.

who is ronny?

Moi, I'm Ronny

A New Nordic entrepreneur, investor and advisors for individuals and companies who seek grow beyond their potential without compromising on wealth, health or happiness. I specialize in entrepreneurial mindset, lifestyle design, human and company acceleration sharing the best practices for you to do better, everyday. 

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